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Nedda Sou

Interdisciplinary maker and DJ Nedda Sou is looking for a myth that might make a comeback: a strictly no-phones dance floor, home to a mash-up of social circles intent on sharing their energy through dance. Her selections are melodic, bassy, sometimes grimy, sometimes sing-along, usually House or Techno and always creating motion on the dance floor.

With years of dedication to the culture under her belt, Nedda truly embodies the term ‘clubhead’. Her experience as a teacher, mentor and judge in dance schools, workshops and tournaments around the world is vast. She runs an event series called Pass The Torch, is co-founder of The Update and makes theatre that fuses Freestyle dance and electronic music with sharp societal commentary.

Nedda Sou showcases her soulful sounds every month on Operator Radio, has a show called Planet Orbit on Worldwide FM and has featured on an ever-growing list of line-ups at home and abroad, including Dekmantel Festival, Djoon, Radio Radio, Summer Dance Forever and Amsterdam Soulful Club. She is exactly the honest role model we need to turn her myth into reality.






Worldwide FM





Amsterdam, NL


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