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Elias Mazian's Dekmantel Podcast

A moody atmosphere makes way for Elias' signature party energy in his new podcast for Dekmantel. In their words:

For @eliasmazian, music is a time capsule - a form of transport to somewhere safe and secluded away from every day worries. It is a way for the Dutchman with Moroccan roots to express his deepest emotions and connect the music of his childhood with contemporary sounds from around the world. He showcased this with us at Dekmantel Connects back in 2021 and always in the music he makes.
He crafts a moody and atmospheric start to this week's podcast with melancholic melody over languid beats. There's then a slow shift to the dance floor before party-starting house jacks your body with plenty of hands-in-the-air pianos and ever more pumping basslines. It's a high-energy selection that wears its heart proudly on its sleeve.


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