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Elias Mazian releases new album, Alleen Bij Mij

Elias Mazian has unveiled his latest long player, called Alleen Bij Mij, on Job Jobse's De Vlieger label.

"The songs on Alleen Bij Mij comfortably sit next to the songs he shares with friends on Private Hearts, Mazian's radio show dedicated to pop melodies. Like classic sixties records, the LP clocks in at just above thirty minutes, while also sharing their harmonic approach."

Additional influences can be traced back to seventies krautrock, Dutch disco dub from the eighties and the storytelling of mid-2000s Dutch rap. Channeling these sounds into his own after hour tales, Elias Mazian created the perfect album for late bike rides and night trains alike."

"Combining observations from daily life with the big themes of pop music, this mixture results in eight songs ready for radio play. Seconded by his good friend and multi-instrumentalist Anton Pieete, and the all-knowing engineer Eelco Bakker, the album is produced and mixed for Mazian's melodies to shine. "

Order a copy of Alleen Bij Mij here.

Looking for more? Lock into Mazian's zippy 3FM mix for the motorway.


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