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Elias Mazian remixes Luuk van Dijk’s ‘Return Of The Gobble’

Elias Mazian has put his production finesse on a rework of Luuk van Dijk’s ‘Return Of The Gobble’.

Taken from van Dijk’s Dark Side Of The Sun, the track is one of six remixes being released over the summer.

"I’m very happy to have one of Amsterdam’s most versatile and interesting artists remix ‘Return Of The Gobble’," shares van Dijk. "When coming up with the idea to make a remix pack, I immediately thought Elias was the guy I wanted to represent what Dutch music culture has to offer.”

Volume 1 features Mazian’s take on ‘Return Of The Gobble’, alongside Dusky’s rendition of ‘Love You’.

Listen to the track above.

Looking for more? Turn on Elias' track 'Alleen Bij Mij' here  taken from this forthcoming album of the same name, out 2nd June.


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