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HUNEE compiles Melodies Record Club #003

Following Ben UFO and Four Tet’s compilations last year, HUNEE provides the third instalment of Melodies International's DJ and Artist curated 12” mini compilations: Melodies Record Club. Available on 2nd December, the compilation includes music from Digital Justice, Dorothy Ashby, and Frantz Tuernal.

In Hunee's words:

After dancing to a set from Cedric Woo at an intimate, after-closing dance party at Brilliant Corners called “Freedom Suite” which completely re-calibrated my sense of experiencing and dancing to music, I went home and immediately searched through my collection for music to listen to and potentially play with these new found sensitivities - the very physical experience of music, the pulling force pushing one into the transcendence of time and space. Dorothy Ashby’s „For Some We Loved“ immediately took me back to that feeling and opened up in front of me an otherworldly-world through it’s free flowing polyrhythms and sparkling Koto playing. I have yet to play my own „Freedom Suite“ night, but I hope when that moment comes, I can give back what I have received back then, and „For Some We Loved“ is a first step in trying just that.
I have been shown Frantz Tuernal’s privately pressed 12“ containing „Koultans“ by my trusted music friend Nicolas Skliris from Paris a few years ago. An unlikely piece of music (a Zouk song with flamenco-inspired guitar playing) from Martinique that was both a highlight back at Giant Steps when I played the song 3 times in a row in the early morning, and a few weeks later in the woods of Houghton where a few thousand dancers were deeply moved to its melody, when the sun came up in the morning and started descending upon the lake behind the DJ booth, bathing the smiles upon the dancers faces with its reflection.”

Order a copy here.