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Behind the decks with Kléo

Bound45 has shared a new interview exploring Kléo's creative process, and her passion for vinyl – ahead of her set at its Rotterdam party on 24 February.

As Klé shares:

"The beauty of playing vinyl to me, is that you are only busy listening, it puts me almost in a meditative state; just only looking at the track to see how long you got left, and if it is about to end, you gotta have it together cause there’s no emergency loop! The mix of adrenaline and vulnerability keeps me on my toes, there’s nowhere to hide and always a chance of train-wrecking it! I guess all that combined makes me be 'Here & Now'."

Dive into the interview in full here.

Looking for more? Listen to Kléo's glittering mix from Lattexplus.

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