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Mendel unites with Afro-disco don Kofi Ayivor

Always meet your heroes! Following the reissue of Kofi Ayivor’s 'Adzagli (Jungle Funk)' / 'A Song For You (Ayaway)', featuring remixes by Mendel, the duo connected irl in Amsterdam to chat music history, the power of intergenerational collaboration, and more.

"Coincidence has it that he has lived in Amsterdam for the past 35 years. Now 83 years old, you can imagine all the fascinating stories he has about his life as a musician.

From growing up in Nigeria, and learning to play the drums and percussion in Ghana, to living in Lebanon, Sweden, the UK, the Netherlands, and touring the world.

Over the years, he played many different musical styles, learning all these different rhythms, always studying as well as teaching younger generations. He also played in so many bands like Osibisa, Hi-Tension, Eddy Grant, Kiki Gyan, Jake Sollo, Ofege and Bunny Mack – contributing to Afrofunk and disco's classic albums.

It was a grand pleasure to meet him in person, and listen to his stories. And, to realise once again what a rich history is behind all of these pieces of music. I was happy to hear that he enjoys the re-release of his work on Kalita Records.


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